Raising 2.2 Billion <Essay B1>


"Do you know

how I could raise

2.2 billion

by any chance?"

The woman stirred the vodka, lime, and soda stopped.

Took a sip.

Noted there wasn't enough lime in the drink for her liking.

And then reached into the high glass tumbler with bare fingers, and removed the wedges one-by-one.

She squeezed the pulp <infusing her drink> and then took a sip.

Nodding in silent acknowledgment of the better taste, she turned her attention back to her mentor in anticipation of the response.

" 2.2 Billion?" asked her mentor.

"That's a huge number....

even for me...

I'm not sure in what capacity you actually mean....

Is the question you are asking me is how you could raise 2.2 billion today?

Or is the question you are asking is how you could raise 2.2 billion in 10 years?

Or 25 years?

Or 50 years?

Because obviously, once I know the context of the question then I can give you a better answer...but for now...yes...I suppose I do know.

Raising 2.2 billion is possible.

It's just how much time you have to achieve it, and I suppose it also depends on how you want to get it.....

if you are thinking illegally then I'm sorry sis...but I can't help you with that....anything you want to do needs to be 100% above board...."

They both laughed at the thought of them getting up to mischief, and the woman with the vodka, lime, and soda finished her drink and then began biting the ice.


Before realising it was much louder than she'd anticipated.

She ran her fingers through her hair and thought about what her mentor had said, remembering what she had been taught from their first meeting- that communication was the key.

The universe held all the answers she ever wanted to know, she just needed to make sure she asked the right questions.

So she thought a little and stalled for time.

Called the waiter over.

Ordered another drink as her mentor did the same and then choose her words with careful deliberation.

What is the quickest way I could raise 2.2 billion and what time frame I would be looking at to achieve it?

Is it a year?

5 years?

10 years?

How long would it take, how could it be done, and could you do it legally....100% above the board?"

The woman thanked the waiter as he came over delivering their drinks and began stirring her vodka again, listening intently for the answer which came back as follows:

Yes. It could be done.

The time frame?

It would depend on whether or not you were talking about planning or execution.

If you were talking both planning and execution, then 5 years would be the quickest possible scenario if you were a solopreneur with no outside help...10 years would be a more generous timeline, and 20 years with no detour from the plan would most definitely pay off.

In answer to the question though....yes.

It could be done.

It could be done via understanding both of the compounding and trailing effects.

However, to succeed it would need serious thought out and well-built foundations.

There would be a single opportunity to execute the task, and if the timing was wrong or it went outside what happened then it would most likely fail."

The woman lent on the vacant chair sitting next to her, hand under chin, pondering deep in thought.

She breathed in deeply.

Scratched the right-hand side of her cheek.

Ran her fingers through her hair, tousling it and scratching her skull lightly.

Pushed the glasses up her nose which had fallen down.

And then bit the left-hand side of her bottom lip.


When she had thought long and hard for the right question to ask, she picked up a paper coaster off the table which had been supporting her drink and offered it to the mentor with an outstretched hand.

"Could you....." she asked...."explain to me how to do it on this coaster? Like.....how hard is it? Would I be able to do it if I'm not smart? Or pretty? Or have money or contacts?

Is it possible to explain to me how to raise 2.2 billion on nothing other than this paper coaster?"

She looked at her mentor, waiting to hear the answer,  then laughed out loud as the coaster was removed from her hands and she was asked whether or not she had a pen.

She reached under the table for her white handbag with no label, and removed an Artline .04 and then watched on.



the simplicity




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